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About Samantha Heim, PMHNP

A warm hello. If you are like most patients, it was either extremely difficult to take the step to contact us or you found it quite challenging to find a provider who was available to take new pediatric or adolescent patients. Thank you, and I’m glad we found each other.  

Mental Healthcare has been my passion since I was very young. It is my aim to provide understanding and validation of suffering, to dispense hope and warmth in abundance, and to support those who feel most misunderstood and underrepresented in our society.

During my years working as a psychiatric inpatient nurse, I was sad to find that we had a very hard time locating outpatient care for the children who had to experience a crisis situation before being entered into the mental health system. There were hardly any providers to be found at all and even fewer who see children.

During my time as a psychiatric nurse practitioner, I found that a good handful of fellow providers were providing cold and fast service, leaving many symptoms unattended and many questions unasked. I am thrilled to start this private practice to serve our most vulnerable population because starting life on the right foot is the best chance we can ever have.  I look forward to hearing your story, where you came from, what makes you happy, what makes you cry, what brought you here to see me.  

I conduct my practice through nearly 100% telepsychiatry video appointments and intermittent office visits.  This practice increases safety, provides convenience and saves time, and improves access to care for a greater population of patients.  It is exceedingly simple to meet me on a video appointment.  All that is required is a phone with a camera or a laptop/computer with a camera, internet or phone data connection, and a quiet, private, confidential space for you to speak with me.  


What is a Psychiatric Nurse Practitioner?

A psychiatric nurse practitioner is an advanced nursing professional who may diagnose and prescribe medications to treat psychiatric problems.  A nurse practitioner has completed a baccalaureate nursing degree program, worked as a registered nurse for some length of time, and then completed a master's in advanced nursing program with professional internships working as a nurse practitioner.  To practice, a nurse practitioner must also pass a national certifying board exam and obtain state and federal licenses.  Depending on the time spent working in a psychiatric setting as a registered nurse, a new psychiatric nurse practitioner is considerably more prepared than a new psychiatrist, due to the wealth of experience with patients and treatment as a registered nurse.

Psychiatrist: A doctor who specializes in the field of psychiatry who may diagnose and prescribe medications.  It generally costs the system or private payers much more to acquire the services of a psychiatrist.  The healthcare system at large is moving towards employing physician assistants and nurse practitioners due to comparable patient outcomes, yet lower costs to operate.   

Psychologist: A doctor who specializes in the field of psychology. A psychologist is also called a therapist. A psychologist does not prescribe or manage medications.  There are many types of psychologists to serve different needs and populations.  A neuropsychologist, for example, will perform a neuropsychological evaluation to support mental health diagnosis and identify learning disorders and learning needs.  This kind of evaluation might be appropriate for your child.

Psychiatric nurse: A registered or licensed practical nurse who works in a psychiatric unit.  A nurse who is not masters-prepared is unable to prescribe medications or diagnose.  

Therapist: A therapist is a general term for a professional who treats mental health distress and conditions through therapeutic technique, 'talk therapy', and intervention, but who cannot prescribe, manage or advise on medications.  A therapist might be a licensed mental health counselor, a social worker or a psychologist.  

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